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Raccoons and Squirrels and Snakes, oh my!


We offer specialized wildlife removal and prevention services for a large variety of animals including:


One of the most common wildlife nuisances are also one of the most dangerous. Raccoons are highly susceptible to the rabies virus and can become aggressive if improperly handled. Their sharp teeth and claws are capable of causing a significant amount of damage to the structure, insulation, electrical and plumbing systems of your property.


Do you have raccoons living in your attic, garage, or under your deck? If so, then you can benefit from our raccoon removal services. Our experienced raccoon removal specialists will identify key problem areas as well as prevent any opportunity for raccoons and other unwanted wildlife to make their return.


Squirrels have two litters a year, and sometimes up to five babies. As a result, expectant squirrels will look for shelter to nest, often in your home. Squirrels can present a real challenge once inside the warmth and security of your home. To keep them out, we install special galvanized screens over points of entry including roof vents, plumbing roof mats and chimneys.


If you suspect squirrels have either entered your home or are attempting to break in, call us immediately. Our professional squirrel removal experts will promptly evict squirrels and other unwanted wildlife from your property.


Skunks are burrowing animals that often make their homes under decks, porches, pool perimeters and sheds. While they may have a stinky reputation, skunks are relatively vulnerable animals. Skunks are however stubborn critters that are known to come back again and again. For this reason, we would treat the skunk removal with strict attention, taking extra caution when evicting them. We can also ensure that our skunk removal services are done in the most gentle and humane way possible.


Is a skunk lingering on your property? Give us a call and we’ll handle your skunk removal issues immediately.


Insect infestation, disturbing noises and unpleasant odors are telltale signs of an unwanted bird invasion. Birds are wildlife nuisances that must be removed as they pose serious health threats to humans. For instance, birds are known to carry lice and mites, and can transmit a number of diseases through their droppings. Common aviary wildlife include pigeons, starlings, seagulls, crows and ravens.


Have birds infested your home? Our bird removal services are safe, humane and environmentally friendly. We provide effective wildlife removal and prevention while preserving the biodiversity that surrounds us.


Although snakes are not naturally aggressive, they can be if provoked. That’s why we recognize a snake on your premises can be an emergency. At First Choice Wildlife Services, we offer 24/7 snake removal services to ensure the immediate safety of you and your family.


Do you need to remove a snake that has entered your home? Contact our highly trained snake removal experts to promptly handle the situation.

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