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How to Keep Wild Animals Away from your House

Wild animals often find ways to get into your house and lawn and cause innumerable damage. Not only wild animals ruin your home, but they can also expose you and your family to numerous contagious diseases. Wild animals can also damage your house by digging and making holes, by eating fruits and vegetables from the garden, by getting into garbage bins for food and pooping everywhere. Many wild animals seek refuge in your property in winter for warmth, shelter and also to have babies. To purge wildlife entering your house, you need to discern the animal first.

Animals that can invade your house

  • Mouse – Mice are small animals, and because of their size and soft body, they are capable of fitting through extremely small openings. It enters your house through cracks and holes found in floor, walls, gaps in windows, sewer lines, and foundation.

  • Squirrels –


Squirrels infiltrate your home through gaps made by other animals. They tend to access the house through ceiling or terrace from trees, vines and connecting cables.

  • Snakes –

Snake in front of car

Snakes habitually perforate at ground levels or holes in basements. Due to its rope- like body structure, it can enter through very small holes created by other animals or careless construction. Snakes can also come through drainage pipes, sink or bathtubs if they are not properly sealed.

  • Skunks –

Skunk trapped

Skunks also enters your house through cracks or holes in floor, walls and roofs. Sometimes, they build their shelter in basements or old shed when they are most vulnerable. They can also dig holes in your property for food.

  • Raccoons –

Raccoons can get into your house from many places. They can enter your house through holes like rats and snakes or can also choose roof like squirrels. The most popular area through where raccoons invade is the dormer or bends sections of the roof to meet. It can also rip right through the wooden walls and roof of the house; they are that strong.

How can wild animals disturb our normal state of living?

Wild animals can seem cute and interesting when they are in their natural habitat, but it can create some serious trouble if it gets around a domestic property. Like other animals, they are also attracted to food such as garbage, pet’s food and even food that we eat, which is not safe for the people or pets in the house. Wild animals cause extreme damage to your property by vandalizing the pipes, cables, loosening roof tiles, damaging the chimney and also breaking the roof and attic. They also carry disease like rabies or parasites into your house. Besides, wild animals destroy your gardens and yards by damaging the fruits, vegetables, flower and small plants. They also contaminate your food that is stored in cupboard or pantry and transmit harmful disease. Domestic animals like dogs and cats can also harm themselves and get infected by wild animals.

Precautions that must be taken to prevent wild animals

  • Always keep your house clean and do pest control more often.

  • Periodically check for cracks or holes in the walls and under the roof of your house. If you find any holes or cracks, do cover or seal them properly.

  • Do not leave any food for your pets outside or inside your house attracting wild animals.

  • Trim all the branches of trees that hang over the roof of your house. This will stop wild animals like squirrels, rats and raccoons from climbing trees and getting into your house.

  • Keep your garbage in containers with tight lids and keep it indoors.

  • Eliminate bird feeders. Other wild animals other than birds get attracted.

  • Build a fence around your garden or lawn to keep away the wild animals from destroying your fruits, vegetables and other plants.

So, these are a few essential things that you can keep in mind or follow to prevent the wild animals to come near to your house. Not always the method works as well as others, but they are worth a try.

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