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Skunk Control & Removal Services in Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington, Milton and Hamilton

Skunks are medium-sized mammals that use their tails to spray a liquid with a pungent odor. And while spraying is not the skunk’s first line of defense — if a skunk feels threatened, it will first hiss and stamp its feet — the liquid spray can cause difficulty in breathing and temporary vision problems to humans or other animals that come within contact.


Not only are skunks foul-smelling animals, they are also a nuisance to many home or business owners, as they can disrupt your garden, rummage through garbage, or infest your attic with their droppings. Simply put, skunks can be a real problem, and they must be removed from your home.


In order to keep your home safe for your family within, skunks and other wildlife must stay out. At First Choice Wildlife Services, our efficacious and well-planned skunk control and skunk removal services will safely and effectively remove all unwanted wildlife from your premises.


Skunk Removal & Control Experts


After mating, female skunks tend to burrow under porches or find shelter in garages, attics or basements. Skunks are among the many wildlife nuisances that can take residence in your home; they can ruin ducts and vents, tear up drywall and insulation, and damage other fixtures, including underground sprinklers and pipes.


Getting rid of skunks in your attic, garage, or neighborhood is a tough, but common problem many people will face. Fortunately, we can help with removing skunks from your property. At First Choice Wildlife Services, our skunk removal specialists are highly trained and among the best in the industry.


Exterminator methods are hardly utilized since we believe in the protection and safety of animals. With that being said, we operate with safe and effective methods like one-way release skunk traps and caulking to prevent skunks and other unwanted animals from returning to your home. We provide only humane skunk removal methods and we strive to preserve the biodiversity around us.

Removing Skunks From Your Home


As a part of our skunk removal services in Toronto, we’ll also ensure that your home remains free from skunks and other wild animals in the future. By sealing all areas from where wildlife can enter in your house, you can have peace of mind that your skunk problem will be solved after hiring us.


In addition to sealing all exposed areas within your home’s foundation, we’ll install a one-way door so that skunks and other unwanted wildlife will be unable enter your home. It is our top priority to keep all wildlife safe and secure by returning them back to their natural habitat, and away from your home.


How to get rid of skunks?


Do you have a lingering skunk that won’t leave your property? Follow these necessary tips to keep your home free from skunks and other wild animals.


(1) Guard all entry points and exposed areas in your home with mesh, netting or screens. This will prevent a skunk from entering altogether.


(2) Because skunks prefer garbage sites, woodpiles and dug up holes, make sure that your backyard or other areas around your house are free from these things. It’s also important to ensure that you are keeping a secure latch on garbage bins at all times.


(3) Seek professional skunk removal services in the Greater Toronto Area as soon as you notice a skunk or other unwanted wildlife to avoid infestation or damage to your valuables. Call the experts at First Choice Wildlife Services to get rid of skunks in your yard or home.


If you’ve managed all of these prevention methods and the problem still persists, call or email us immediately. Additionally, we provide 24x7 house-call services for any kind of wildlife emergency.


Expert Skunk Removal Services in Toronto


Skunk removal in Toronto takes expertise and highly trained professionals. Choose with confidence and call us anytime to solve your skunk infesting problems. We also offer professional raccoon control and squirrel removal services in the following areas: Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Mississauga, Hamilton, Georgetown, and the Greater Toronto area.


Our experience of nearly two decades has rendered us with an unprecedented level of professionalism and understanding of wild animal behavior. At the same time, this experience has allowed us to properly and humanely trap unwanted wildlife and safely return them back to their natural habitat. All of our wildlife removal services come with a three-year satisfaction guaranteed warranty.


Let us help make your home safe and free from unwanted wildlife and skunks. Contact us today for all of your skunk animal control needs. Call Now at 905-399-4670.

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