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Wildlife Removal and Entry Prevention Services


At First Choice Wildlife Services, we specialize in wildlife removal and entry prevention. It is our priority to serve you right without having to compromise the safety of the animals involved. We stand behind our effective removal and wildlife prevention solutions, offering a full 3-year satisfaction guaranteed warranty on every job that we do.


Humane Wildlife Removal


We use only natural and humane wildlife removal methods that allow us to effectively remove wildlife from your home or business, while ensuring the safety of the animals and your property. Any trapped animals are live-released in accordance to municipal regulations.


How we do employ humane wildlife removal?


Once we’ve understood the type of wildlife species we are dealing with, we use the safest and most effective means of removal. Our wildlife removal specialists employ one-way release systems that safely give animals the ability to leave the intrusion area, while restricting their access back into the space. This prevents the need for forceful removal or the killing of the animal. Extensive care is also taken to ensure animal babies are removed properly for survival.


Effective Wildlife Prevention


We recognize that entry prevention is just as important as wildlife removal in Toronto. The installation of durable hardware, screens and netting ensure the future security of your property, and safety of the animals that share your neighborhood.


Additionally, thorough caulking helps to ensure animals keep out of common entry points such as wall and roof vents, or plumbing mats. Once the animal has been removed, we make sure to clear all nesting and remnant debris that may act as an attractant for other unwanted visitors.


Decontamination Services


Depending on the job, we will also disinfect and deodorize the infested area, providing added safety for you and your loved ones. If you require home repairs and restoration, we can help in the following ways:


·      We’ll remove or vacuum all droppings

·      We’ll remove any soiled insulation

·      We’ll fog the infested area with a special enzyme-based disinfectant to destroy any organic matter

·      We’ll repair damage caused by the animal such as ductwork, electrical wires, pipes, and insulation.


Emergency Wildlife Removal Services


Our wildlife control specialists are highly trained to identify and implement the best possible wildlife removal solution for every job. We are also available 24/7 to provide a quick and effective solution to any wildlife emergency you may encounter. Contact us today and we’ll remove any unwanted wildlife that has entered your home or business.

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