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Raccoon Removal In Hamilton

Humane Wildlife Control & Removal

Hamilton, Halton & Surrounding Areas First Choice for Humane Wildlife Control

First Choice Wildlife Services

We take pride in being your First Choice for humane wildlife control and removal in Halton, Hamilton and Surrounding Areas

Our priority is your safety, as well as that of the animals we handle. With over 15 years of experience, we have earned a solid reputation for customer satisfaction and affordable wildlife removal services.

Our Services

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Raccoon Removal in Hamilton
Skunk Removal In Hamilton
Squirrel Removal in Hamilton
Bee, Hornet & Wasp Removal in Hamilton
Bird Removal in Hamilton
Snake Removal in Hamilton
Bat Removal in Hamilton

The team at First Choice Wildlife Services employs only natural and humane methods for wildlife removal, ensuring the safety of both the animals and the property. In compliance with municipal regulations, any trapped animals are live- released, avoiding the need for forceful measures or harm to the animals. The approach includes one-way release systems that allow animals to leave the intrusion area safely, while preventing their re-entry. Special care is taken to ensure the proper removal of animal offspring for their survival.

Humane Wildlife Removal

15 Years Experience

Licensed & Insured Team

24/7 Responsiveness

Effective, Humane & Prompt Service

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Raccoon Remval in Hamilton

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"I have used this company for 2 separate occasions and both times Ken has provided exceptional services at a reasonable cost. Would highly recommend Ken and his crew!!"

Shawn Mangha

"I had squirrels in my roof, called and it was dealt with in no time. The owner was professional and knowledgeable. He is now my family's pest control guy!"

Nadia Adderley

"I am glad that I called First Choice when I found raccoons in my attic. Ken was friendly and professional and always showed up on time."

Tony Lee

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